Coronavirus Updates

Currently, as we all know Dallas County has a stay-at-home order and all non-essential businesses to be closed.  Also, groups of 10 or more people are prohibited.  

It wouldn't be safe to hold a traditional estate sale in your home that's open to the public. So, 2 options are currently available to help you sell your estate.

  • Online Estate Sale - Auction Style - This style of sale is totally online and the items are bid on in small increments.  (A small team would come to your home to set up the items to be photographed)
  • Estate Sale - By Appointment Only - The sale would be set up like a traditional sale but people would only come into the home by appointment and is a controlled environment. The team would clean in-between appointments.

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If interested in doing an estate sale, please contact us today.  We are still here for you! 


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