We bring in our experienced team to transform your home into an organized and arranged retail space. Every available shelf, table, wall and corner will be used to display your items to maximize sales.


The Southfork team will research and evaluate every item that needs to be sold based on current market values. Client input into an items information/value is appreciated as well. 


Advertising your sale is the most important thing and is what's going to bring the people to the door.  We utilize several avenues available to maximize exposure. Such as, social media, email, internet websites, and national estate sale websites.  As well as promote the sale on our own Facebook website and Internet website. If permitted by local laws, we place local signage directing consumers to the sale.

Conduct of Sale

Southfork staff conduct is always professional and friendly, with a goal of helping sell your items and assisting the consumer. During the sale we may negotiate prices and accept bids in order to achieve maximum profit. 


At Southfork, we take appropriate measures by having staff be identifiable and mobile within the home during the sale helping reduce / eliminate damage or theft problems.

Unsold Items

Our highest priority is to liquidate every item in your estate as possible. However, there usually are items left over after the end of every sale. These are still your items and we can advise you with several options to help make this entire process easier for your family. 

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